Join us on October 29th at 6:00 pm for a virtual event featuring:

Christal Martin – Christal lost both her mother to murder as a child and then her husband to murder as an adult. She has dedicated her life to restorative justice and strongly believes that the death penalty harms victims’ families but delaying their healing and wasting resources that could be better spent on victims services, violence prevention, and solving crimes.

Rep. Jared Olsen – Rep. Olsen is a member of the Wyoming State House of Representatives and has, since 2019, championed legislation to end the death penalty in the state.

Jordan Bishop – Jordon is the Executive Director of the Wyoming Interfaith Network (formerly the Wyoming Council of Churches), a coalition of religious denominations and faith leaders throughout the state.

Kylie Taylor – Kylie is the Wyoming statewide coordinator for Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty

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